Troika Saint Germain:

Troika Celeste Saint GermainTroika is an Accelerator and Mystical Alchemist who is able to advance people to their next level of spiritual development through her own frequency and powerful Activations she receives from the Higher Realms. She was born “awake” and has been able to consciously visit the Higher Realms and communicate with Angels & Ascended Masters since her childhood.

Troika has a unique relationship with Ascended Master Saint Germain who has personally taught her about Ascension and other spiritual knowledge. In 2003 he asked her to create alchemical and high vibrational products of his design to assist humanity with transformation and ascension. In addition to these items, she gives his teachings through private sessions, Tele-Classes, Ascension Play-Shops, and transformational Star-Gate Activation events. Troika speaks at many Expos, Conventions and Conferences in the US and Europe and is a popular radio guest. She shares higher realm information with clarity, grace and humor along with her rare ability to bridge dimensions, make the Esoteric understandable, and the Higher Realms attainable to all.

Troika’s Mission is to assist individuals and the planet with Ascension. She is an authority on the Violet Flame and Sacred Fires, as well as, a Master of Color & Sound Therapy. She has taught people world-wide on how to use these Fires, Color & Sound to raise their frequency and vibration, and to become their own Master.

Violet Blessings to You!

In Service to The Light, I AM
Troika Celeste Saint Germain

About This Teleclass:


Did anything really happen Dec 21, 2012?? The World did not end . . . we entered into a change of Consciousness!

You KNOW something is happening . . . you can FEEL it!

An incredible amount of new higher frequency energies are flooding the planet. This is what is called, The Divine Shift of the Ages. We are raising our vibration and frequency to become our True Self – our Divine Being.

How we live and perceive the world are going to change drastically. Every aspect of your life is now changing – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

You can receive an even higher boost if you understand Energy and know techniques that will increase your frequency.

Assure yourself your Highest Reality and step into your Divinity. Learn how to prepare and THRIVE through these profound transformations with ease, grace and comfort.

Troika will share what to expect and how you can ease the discomforts and expand the pleasures. She will also lead us through a powerful Transformational Activation during this program.

Benefits of a Higher Frequency include:

  • Improved Health
  • Better Relationships
  • Increased Abundance
  • Higher Consciousness
  • Peace, Love and Happiness
  • Achieve Your Hearts Desires
  • Development of Your Inner Gifts
  • Stronger Intuition and Knowingness
  • Deeper Spiritual Communication
  • Understanding Your Divine Self
  • Discovery of Your Life Mission
  • Self Realization
  • Ascension

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